Australian-made Natural Skincare
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I have been very impressed with not only with the quality of your products but of your professional and prompt service.

I have used all types of skin care products from a very young age and have tried many different brands from cheap to very expensive well known brands with the hopes of improving my skin. I have recently switched to Aura Natural Skin Care and the difference was immediately noticeable. I have combination skin and have always suffered from breakouts, but after a week of using the Lime Facial Cleanser, Lavender Toner and Light Facial Moisturiser my skin started to clear up. I now have no blemishes on my face and my pores have reduced considerably in size. My skin feels so soft and extremely clean without feeling tight and 'stripped' of its natural oils.

Caroline, Aspendale, Vic

My 4 year old recently developed eczema on his abdomen which was causing him irritation at night.  We had been given some baby bottom balm when his sister was born and I thought Id try it on his rash. By the next morning it had all cleared up. Auras baby bottom balm is now my remedy for all the families lumps bumps and rashes.

Melinda, Malvern East

My daughter has suffered with dry/ bumpy (pimple like) skin for most of her infant life, since discovering aura skin care 'baby botty balm' within a couple of weeks her skin has improved dramatically.  The reddish bumpy areas seem to be diminishing and the dryness overall has truly subsided, and her skin overall has improved.  I love the product as I can use it from her face right thru to her bottom area - it is just fantastic. The 'baby bath wash combo' compliments the botty balm also I just won’t use any other product now.  Having sensitive skin for most of my child and adult life I am always cautious to try new products but knowing this product was natural made me willing to try and this product has just been a true find.  Not only do I have the confidence in its great results but the reassurance of a true natural product.  I use the Fresh Start Cleanser – Geranium and Hydrator Facial Moisturiser for myself and just love it. I would recommend these products to anyone.
Lisa, South Morang

I have 2 children aged 3 and 1 who both suffer from eczema.  They have spent many nights awake scratching their skin to the point that it would crack and bleed.  After spending hundreds of dollars on products and specialist, I have tried close to 20 products including creams and ointments prescribed by GP's, allergists, paediatricians and dermatologists, creams from chemists (all of the well known ones) and natural products from health food stores.  With all of the creams, they either did nothing, worked a little bit but didn't provide enough moisture to the skin or they flared up my childrens skin and made it worse. I hate using cortisone creams because of the negative side effects so a natural product was a preferred option.

I tried Aura Natural Skincare following a recommendation from a friend and couldn't
be happier.  I use the moisturising lotion twice a day all over their body and use the Baby Botty Balm as needed on any areas affected by eczema.  There have been times where the eczema has been red and inflamed and literally overnight it has disappeared after using the Baby Botty Balm.  I also use the bath oil which smells great and is great on their skin.  I will never use another product on my childrens skin now that I have found Aura Skincare.  It smells great and is really gentle and effective on their eczema.  I find that the only time their eczema really flares up now is when they are sick and have a fever or if we forget to moisturise them.
Nicole T, Sunbury

Since discovering Aura Natural Skin care I can see my skin has improved and have also had people notice.  Being a male its hard to find skin care products that don’t sting your skin after shaving and I find using the Fresh Start Cleanser Lime and Total Balance Facial Moisturiser helps eliminate the sting. 
Luke, Mill Park